Java interview questions: – 14 most important questions asked on String Handling.

During interview following are Java interview questions which is asked by the interviewer. So do prepare for the interview on this 14 important questions: -

  • Is String a primitive data type in Java?
  • What is the difference between String and String Buffer?
  • Which gives more perform String or StringBuffer?
  • What is difference between string and StringTokenizer?
  • Which package does define String and StringBuffer classes?
  • Which method can be used to obtain the length of the String?
  • How do you concatenate Strings?
  • Which method can be used to compare two strings for equality?
  • Which method can be used to perform a comparison between strings that ignores case differences?
  • What is the use of valueOf( ) method?
  • What are the uses of toLowerCase( ) and toUpperCase( ) methods?
  • Which method can be used to find out the total allocated capacity of a StrinBuffer?
  • Which method can be used to set the length of the buffer within a StringBuffer object?
  • What is StringBuilder?

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